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Corporate Administration

Our corporate administration services include:


  • Liaising with your registered office agent
  • Providing secretarial services, including preparing notices and attending meetings as well as taking, drafting, preparing, and circulating minutes
  • Filing statutory documents with regulatory authorities
  • Providing general management of daily affairs, including handling business correspondence, courier packages, faxes, telephone calls, and emails
  • Arranging share transfers
  • Drafting economic interest agreements, loan agreements, nominee agreements, and sale and purchase agreements for consideration and execution
  • Completing all Know Your Client (KYC) documentation required by banks and investment intermediaries
  • Ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legislation as well as other relevant local and international acts and regulations


Fund Administration

Leman Management Limited offers a wealth of experience in fund administration, so we can answer any questions you may have regarding start-up companies or diversification of operations. We can advise you on tax and financial reporting options no matter the jurisdiction you currently operate in or plan to set up operations in. We can help structure your start-up, provide control services, present investment options, verify your assets, and give you a clear idea of expected future fund valuations.


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