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Leman Management Limited was established in 2001 by Edward Allanby, our President and Chief Executive Officer. Since then, our expert team has cultivated long-term relationships with clients whose companies, trusts, and personal assets remain in our portfolio today.


At Leman Management Limited, we are proud to tailor our services to the needs of individual clients. Our flexible and personal approach allows us to provide you with the most effective corporate and financial solutions for your personal assets, investments, and business ventures. All of our services are overseen by our CEO, who will make quarterly visits from our headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda to your firm's offices in either North America or Europe.


Our team consists of a select group of internationally qualified professionals who have years of experience with local and offshore corporate services and structures, including those in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, England, Wales, Ireland, Jersey, Cyprus, Russia, and Singapore. Our executives offer a wealth of knowledge built from decades of experience in management and consultancy. As members of accredited professional bodies, our management team partakes in annual professional development. Our dedicated staff receives regular training to stay on top of the latest practices in the industry.


In 2008, Leman Management Limited was licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority under the Investment Funds Act 2006 as a fund administrator. In 2017, Leman Management Limited was licensed under the Corporate Service Provider Business Act of 2012 to conduct corporate service provider business.





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